When you walk into a room or space and it just somehow feels welcoming, well-planned and a place you want to be, invariably it will be to do with the light and the way it works around you.

The trick is to make the lighting seem effortless so that you feel rather than see where the light is coming from. This is achieved through architectural lighting techniques such as backlighting shelves, uplighting recesses or alcoves and discreetly spotlighting pictures, supplemented with tactically placed decorative lights including table, wall or pendant lights.

One of the main things to get right is the light colour, which for a relaxing room should always be warm rather than cool white.  When you choose your lightbulbs, don’t just buy a bulb that says ‘warm white’ because manufacturers’ definitions of this differ; instead look for ‘2700k’ (kelvin) on the packet which ensures a soft and comfortable colour of light.

Another essential tool for nice lighting is to have dimmer switches wherever you can. These will allow you to have brighter lights on a rainy day or lower lights in the evening when you’re winding down. Don’t stint on the quality of your fittings or bulbs because cheaper ones will not dim as well and the light will be harsher with more glare (and glare is the enemy!)

Creating an instinctively cosy room is not always easy, and those that achieve the ‘ahhh’ factor are quite likely to have had input from a professional lighting designer.  If you would like to find out how to cosy up your space, please do call me for a chat. I’d love to discuss some ideas with you.