Light The Way You Live

When you walk into a room or space and it just somehow feels welcoming, well planned and a place you want to be, invariably it will be to do with the light and the way it works around you.

Cat Lighting specialises in helping you get the lighting right in your homes and workplaces – and with it gain that easy sense of style, along with an effortlessly welcoming atmosphere. 

Lighting design service

You might have a room in your house that’s too dark, or too bright, or where the light simply doesn’t work well but not know how to fix it; or you might be considering a kitchen refurbishment, extension or new build that includes starting afresh with lighting.

Whatever your project, Cat Lighting has the expertise you need.  We can help you achieve lighting that’s practical, accessible, tailored to your needs and most importantly, makes your space look and feel fabulous.