Why Use Cat Lighting?

Clare Wade, Lighting Designer

Clare Wade, Lighting Designer

Clare Wade is a qualified lighting designer and founder of Cat Lighting. She trained in Interior Design at the National Design Academy and the British Academy of Interior Design, and in specialist Interior Lighting at KLC Chelsea Harbour and Chelsea School of Art and Design.

“After a happy and fascinating career in market research, in 2019 I decided to pursue a new type of illumination in the form of lighting design. My aim was to fill the gap between high end lighting companies who tend to go for larger, pricier projects, and electricians who mostly prefer to be told what is needed rather than giving design input.

Through Cat Lighting I offer a one-to-one personal service to people wanting to improve or install new lighting in their homes, providing professional advice and project management at a reasonable price. I place great emphasis on individual attention throughout, and whether the job is a whole house, one room or part of a room, I consider each element with detailed care to ensure the best possible end result.” – Clare Wade, lighting designer and founder of Cat Lighting


Seeking professional advice and working with an expert will always be money well spent.

A Lighting Designer will:

  • Come up with ideas for lighting you probably would never have thought of
  • Think about details like switches, dimmers, brightness, light colour, beam widths, light quality, wiring, transformers and other technical necessities
  • Advise on what lights to buy that will achieve the effect you want
  • Work closely with the electrician to ensure that everything is correctly positioned and on spec
  • Save you a huge amount of decision making and stress in what is often a complex part of the project
  • Provide excellent value for money through careful design and great results that would otherwise be hard to achieve

What is a lighting designer?

A Lighting Designer is an essential part of the team involved in any kind of redecorating, renovating, restoring or building project. Lighting is surprisingly complicated and getting it right requires a high degree of design and technical knowledge. Choosing to work with a lighting designer means investing in your space in a way that will be worth every penny.


When should I hire a lighting designer?

Lighting often tends to be treated as an afterthought, but the time to think about it is right at the beginning, before any works have started, and you’re still at the early stages of planning.

The reason for this is that once the electrical wiring is in it’s usually too late (and expensive) to change things, and you could find yourself with the most beautiful room or kitchen with the most awful lighting. A lighting designer will explain to you the important things to consider and work with you throughout the planning and installation process, from beginning to end.



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