Unusual as it may seem, this time of year is one of the best times to start lighting your garden. Quite simply, because it’s dark, you’ll be able to plan and see what works well and what can be improved. 

Here are some key tips for practical and attractive garden lighting.

1. Uplight trees and bushes

This is one of the easiest wow effects to achieve, simply by putting a light at the bottom of a tree and shining it up through its branches.  Nature does the rest, and you’ll see all sorts of stunning lines and shadows up the trunks and through the leaves.

2. Pick out the textures in walls

If you’ve got a stone wall, light it up.  It doesn’t have to be floodlit; indeed one of the most attractive effects is to place small lights at intervals along a wall shining towards the stonework, and the contrast of light and shadow creates interest and artistic effect.

3. Steps and paths

Steps and paths can be dangerous during Autumn and Winter afternoons and evenings so don’t under-estimate the importance of having them well lit.  There are a number of options you can consider, including recessing a light underneath each step or installing small lights in a side wall to shine across the step. You could also fix free-standing bollard lights or lanterns at the top and bottom of the steps that will cast light where it’s needed.

4. Spike lights

These are a great quick-fix around a garden when you want to highlight shrubs or pathways. Spike lightscan also be moved around according to the level or shape of the foliage as it changes throughout the year.

5. LED strip

LED strips are constantly useful for low glow lighting under the roofs of garden buildings or under fixed garden furniture such as benches or tables.  Make sure however that the light you use is approved for outdoor use otherwise it will get wet and fail.  When you’re buying any kind of outside light the code you need to look for is ‘IP65’ which ensures it is suitably weatherproof for gardens.

Well-designed outdoor lighting can make the most amazing difference to a property and you will enjoy your garden even more.  Please do contact me to ask about any aspect of garden lighting. I’d be delighted to have a chat and discuss ideas.