Too bright, too dark, light in the wrong place, bad shadows over the mirror? Here’s how to set your bathroom to rights and make sure you’ve got the best lighting for an energising morning wakeup, a relaxing bedtime wind-down or low lights for night-time visits, all easily switched and controlled.

1. Circuits

Like any other room, think about using separate circuits for different lights around the bathroom. Typically you would have one or two switches for your low lights and another for the brighter lights, so you can choose which lights to have on at any one time.

2. Low lights

Good low lighting for the bathroom includes:

  • Floor-washing wall lights just above the skirting which push a glow of light across the floor, often positioned next to the WC as a night light
  • LED strip under the basin unit to subtly light the floor; or along the edge of the bath (very relaxing)
  • Small spotlights in a recess or alcove

3. Brighter lights

Brighter light can come from:

  • Downlights in the ceiling, positioned where light will be needed eg. above the shower, wc, towel rail
  • Ceiling pendants that are bathroom-approved
  • Wall lights, as with pendants there is a wide range of IP rated (moisture-proof) options.

4. Mirror lighting

The best way to light a mirror is by putting wall lights either side of the mirror at eye level.  This allows light to diffuse across your face to provide an accurate even light without shadows.  If you want more light you can put a downlight in the ceiling above the mirror as well. 

5. Bathroom light switch

In the UK, regulations require standard light switches to be outside the bathroom. However, a company called I LumoS makes a switch that can legally go inside the bathroom, allowing you to have any number of dimmable circuits that can be controlled from inside the room.

Take up some of these ideas and turn your bathroom into a sanctuary!  I’m always happy to give advice so please do get in touch if you’d like to light your bathroom beautifully.